Subject to these Terms and Conditions, customers who purchase any new Xbox One S console standalone or bundle (the “Qualifying Products”) from the United Kingdom Microsoft Store website during the Promotion Period (as defined below), and register their purchase within 14 calendar days from the purchase date (or release date for pre-orders), will be entitled to claim a refund for the full purchase price if they are not completely satisfied with the Qualifying Product’s performance within the first 60 calendar days of purchase (the “Promotion”). The date of purchase counts as day 1 (whilst for pre-orders the date of release counts as day 1).

The Promotion will commence at 00:01 ( GMT) on 12 July 2017 and will continue until 23:59 (GMT) 31 December 2017 (extended promotional period), or until 10,000 Qualifying Products are sold, whichever is soonest (the “Promotion Period”).

  1. The Promotion is open to purchases made from the United Kingdom Microsoft Store website (“Participating Microsoft Online Stores”). Purchases made at actual retail locations in the United Kingdom do not qualify. Participants must be aged 18 or over. This Promotion is not open to employees of Microsoft Ireland Operations Limited or Opia, Ltd. and their immediate families, or employees of either of their subsidiaries, divisions, affiliates and their immediate families, or anyone professionally connected with the Promotion, including agents, wholesales, resellers, retail staff, and retailers. There is a maximum of one claim per Qualifying Product purchased and a maximum of one claim per household during the Promotional Period.
  2. Qualifying Products: All Xbox One S SKUs, up to a maximum of 10,000 Qualifying Products total. Once 10,000 Qualifying Products have been purchased, the Promotion will end.
  3. To qualify for this Promotion, you must purchase a Qualifying Product from the Participating Microsoft Online Store during the Promotion Period and register your purchase within 14 calendar days from the purchase or release date.
Return policy and product warranty
  1. This offer is provided temporarily in addition to the standard return policy set forth in the Terms of Sales of Microsoft Online Store. This offer does not affect any product warranties you may benefit from by law or contract.
How to Register and Claim
  1. To register your purchase, visit click on the “Register Now” link, and enter the requested information within 14 calendar days from the purchase or release date. The day of purchase counts as day 1 (for pre-orders the date of release counts as day 1). Your registration will be reviewed and if successful you will be sent a welcome email to confirm your registration.
  2. Subject to Section 8 below and your compliance with these Terms and Conditions, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the performance of your Qualifying Product, you may elect to return your registered purchase within 60 calendar days. Click the “Claim” link from your welcome email and enter the requested information. Your claim must be received by Administrator within 60 calendar days of the date of purchase. The date of purchase counts as day 1 (for pre-orders the date of release counts as day 1). Claims not received within 60 calendar days from the purchase or release date will be deemed invalid.
  3. Once you have submitted a claim request you will receive an email within 2 working days with further instructions. If your claim request is successful, we will send you details on how to return your Qualifying Product, including a freepost returns label. Returns must be received by 120 calendar days from the purchase or release date. The date of purchase counts as day 1 (for pre-orders the date of release counts as day 1). Claims not received within 120 days from the purchase or release date will be deemed invalid.
  4. The Qualifying Product must be returned in “Good As New” condition to be eligible for a full refund. If the returned product is found to be damaged it may result in the refund being re-valued in line with the condition of your product. “Good As New” condition is defined as:

    Complete with all packaging and accessories, inclusive of any additional products such as for example a free game or controller (received in connection with the purchase of the Qualifying Product for no additional cost), and Complete and undamaged.

  5. If the item does not meet the Good As New condition you will receive a revised valuation by email. From the date a revaluation is sent to you by email, you have 10 calendar days to accept or decline the proposed return payment from the date the email is sent to you. If we have not received a reply within this time, the valuation will be deemed accepted by you and your claim will be processed for payment.
  6. Participants who provide incomplete information when registering or claiming will be notified via email and offered the opportunity to provide the required items within 7 calendar days. If we have not received a reply within this time, your claim will be deemed null and void and will be unable to be processed for payment. In such case, you must restart the claim process.
  7. The offer is not transferrable to another individual. Claims must be submitted by the purchaser / end-user only, and must not be made through agents or third parties. You must be the rightful owner of your returned product. Claims must also be submitted online only – no claims will be accepted by regular postal mail. All instructions form part of these Terms and Conditions. The refund will only be paid upon satisfaction by the participant of these Terms and Conditions. By completing the claim, you confirm your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. A refund cannot be granted to a participant who is in breach of these Terms and Conditions. If a claim is refused because these Official Terms and Conditions have not been met, Promoter’s decision is final.
  8. Claims due to mechanical breakdown, endemic failure or damage are not eligible. In the event a Qualifying Product is defective, you must seek assistance through the standard warranty that accompanies the Qualifying Product. In addition, products purchased through a loan, hire purchase or credit agreement are not eligible. The full title holder must be the individual who registers for the promotion and makes any subsequent claim.
  9. Promoter and Administrator are not responsible or liable for any technical, hardware, software, server, website, or other failures or damage of any kind to the extent that this prevents the participant from or otherwise obstructs him/her in participating in the Promotion.
  1. Provided the Terms and Conditions of this Promotion have been met, and the returned product matches the description you have given upon submission of your online claim, your payment will be processed within 30 calendar days of validation of your claim. You will receive, where possible, the refund paid into your account in your local currency. Administrator reserves the right to offer to pay in another currency if Administrator is unable to make payment in the requested currency. Administrator will not be held liable for any charges made by the recipient’s bank account.
  2. Upon a successful claim, you will receive from Administrator a full or partial refund for the cost of the Qualifying Product(s) only. Administrator will not refund any additional costs such as original delivery and installation costs nor any costs associated with a loan or credit agreement, nor any costs in excess of the product purchase price. Administrator will not make any refunds to non-Qualifying Products such as accessories or software not detailed in the Qualifying Product list.
  3. This is a consumer promotion only; registered companies will not be allowed to participate.
  1. Promoter and Administrator reserve the right to closely monitor usage of the website, including users’ IP addresses, so that they may identify misuse. Promoter and Administrator will disqualify applications if they have reasonable grounds to believe that the Terms and Conditions of the Promotion have been breached and or have not been fully complied with.
  2. Promoter reserves the right to disqualify incomplete, altered or illegible claims. No responsibility is accepted by Administrator or Promoter for submissions that have been lost, or are late, damaged, misdirected, or delayed in the postor otherwise online due to transmission interruptions or failures.
  3. All documentation submitted for this promotion becomes property of the Promoter and will not be returned. Submission of false, incorrect, misleading or fraudulent documentation may result in disqualification from this promotion. The decisions of Promoter in respect of any and all aspects of the promotion will be final and binding.
  4. Promoter is unable to accept or send any other correspondence concerning the Promotion other than as set out in these terms and conditions.
  5. Promoter reserves the right to cancel, withdraw or amend the Promotion at any time without notice in exceptional circumstances.
  6. If you have any questions regarding this Promotion, please refer to the Contact Us page on this website.
  7. Promoter: Microsoft Ireland Operations Limited, Atrium Building, Sandyford Industrial Estate, Dublin 18, Ireland.
  8. Administrator: Opia, Ltd, 15 London Street, Chertsey, Surrey, KT16 8AP.

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